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Every women needs the right sports bra!
Our experienced staff here at Fleet Feet can help you find the bra that fits and meets your needs!

Did you know?

  • 80% of women wear the wrong bra size
  • Women should be fit for a bra at least once a year
  • The average life span of a sports bra is 6-12 months
  • Not all bras are created equal
  • A woman should be re-measured for a sports bra after major weight gain/loss or pregnancy
We carry a selection of high performance bras from the following vendors: 

You may be changing out your shoes regularly, but when was the last time you took a look at your sports bra?  The life of a sports bra is approximately 6-12 months or 52 washings.

Bra Fit

Proper fit will provide you with the freedom to move and exercise with comfort and confidence. We start our bra FIT process with questions about your activities and style preferences. Next, we take careful measurements and translate them into the correct size sports bra. Based on size and activity, we will select a few bras for you to try. Throughout the process we will offer tips and advice to help you reach your goals. Here are few things to pay attention to:

Comfort – A good sports bra should feel comfortable, stay in place, and not chafe. The straps should not dig into the shoulders and the band should be comfortably snug to offer support, but not feel restrictive.Do jumping jacks, run in place, and swing your arms side to side to make sure what feels good on is comfortable and supportive when you're in motion.

Support - If you're a small or medium breasted woman (A to C cup), a compression bra will offer support and comfort. Or if you prefer, you can choose a bra that offers encapsulation for shaping as well as support. If you're a larger breasted woman (C to FF cup), encapsulating styles that separate and support your breasts are more comfortable and more supportive than compression bras. For maximum support, choose a sport bra that does both.

Moisture Control and Breathability - A good sports bra will wick sweat away from the skin, dry quickly, be breathable, and allow perspiration and excess heat to pass through. It should also keep you cool and dry when it's hot, and dry and warm when it's cold.

Learn more about our sports bras and fitting bras when you watch this short video courtesy of Fleet Feet Sports Cleveland. Then get FIT for a sports bra at your local Fleet Feet Sports.

And here is a video, provided by Moving Comfort, to learn more about caring for your sports bras.

Not all sports bras are created equal...

A good sports bra helps to eliminate breast movement and must have:

  • The ability to wick moisture, particularly between the breasts
  • Breathe ability for a cooling flow of air.
  • Ability to dry quickly
  • Correct proportions and contours to minimize chafing
  • Straps that do not dig into the shoulders
  • A band that does not shift or bind
  • Soft thread to minimize skin irritation
  • At least 25% Lycra to compress the breasts sufficiently.

There are three main types of sports bras:

  • Compression (Least support)
    • Most common
    • Designed to press breasts flat, as a single unit, to minimize movement
    • Best for A and B cup women
  • Compression/Encapsulation
    • Designed to encapsulate each breast and press them to the chest
    • Best for C, D and some DD women
  • Encapsulation (Most Support)
    • Looks more like regular bra
    • May have an underwire
    • Offers the most support by harnessing each breast individually

A sports bra’s fit is an integral part of its support:

  • The band of the bra should be offering the most support
  • The cups of the bra keep the breast in place and provide additional support
  • The straps are designed to do the least amount of work.
  • A good sports bra will fit more snugly than a regular bra.
  • Test for control with jogging in place or jumping jacks
  • The band should not ride up with activity

Little Tip

"NO Sports bra should celebrate a birthday!" Here is a little insight! 

Moving Comfort Bra

Do not overextend the life of your sports bra!


If you use your sports bra 3 to 4 times per week, then you need to replace it within nine months to one year. To make your sports bra last as long as possible, hand-wash it in warm water. When it starts to lose its fit (elasticity or fray), replace it with a new one as soon as possible.

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