Movement adds stress of up to 3x-5x your body weight on your joints with each step. Americans walk 8,000-13,000 steps per day, and as an increase in steps per day is trending, it becomes even more important to have the proper support for arches and joints. This is where Superfeet comes in to help stabilize the feet to produce more efficiency with every step. 

Created by podiatrists and holding 40+ patents, Superfeet are designed to provide a 3-dimensional structure to your 2-dimensional midsole.

There are 3 key features to every pair of Superfeet Insoles:

  • Structure Heel Cup
    -Age and time on feet cause the fatty pad underneath the the heel to "flatten". The heel cup encapsulates this soft tissue, giving it structure and natural shock absorption and cushion. 
  • Rearfoot Support
    -The support you feel to the back of your arch in front of your feel is unique to Superfeet as it supports the subtalar joint that controls the pronation of your feet.
  • Firm Stabilization
    -The stabilizer cap gives a firm support, creating more efficient and proper movement of the subtalar joint, helping keep ankles, knees, and hips more aligned. 

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