Chocolate Croissants

Sounds pretty standard, I know. Chocolate Croissants? But this is will be the last Bethany-contributed recipe, and I wanted to keep it simple. I just got back from Texas, and my stepmom makes Nutella stuffed croissants. My sister and I made Oreo Stuffed Croissants at Christmas. She and I will be going to London at Christmas and filling up on chocolate croissants, Mochas, and Chai Tea Lattes from Cafe Nerro. What I'm getting at is you can put anything chocolate in a croissant and make a heavenly dessert totally designed to wreck whatever kind of diet you're on. So I leave you with something simple.

Package of Crescent Rolls
Chocolate of Choice
Egg, beaten
Powdered sugar, optional


•Roll out Crescent Rolls and fill wide end with chocolate (chips, oreos, nutella, whathaveyou).

•Roll carefully.

•Brush eggwash lightly over the top.

•Bake on 425 for 15 minutes (or according to packaging).

•Remove from oven and drizzle melted chocolate or powdered sugar on top.

•Say farewell to you diet!

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