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The City of Murfreesboro Police Department and the Parks and Recreation Department are working together to increase awareness of park safety. Beginning in March, the “Park Smart” campaign at recreation facilities, greenways, and parks will encourage patrons to focus on a safer, therefore more enjoyable, parks experience.

“We hope this campaign will remind motorists to secure their vehicles in parking lots. An unlocked vehicle with purses, electronics and other valuables left inside is a very easy target for a burglar, who can be in and out of a car in seconds," said Interim Chief of Police Michael Bowen.

“Members of our great community visit City parks and the Greenway for wellness, recreation and to enjoy nature,” said Assistant Park Director Angela Jackson. “We should all expect to have a good experience but we also share responsibility for our own awareness—to take precautions and report problems. We are fortunate to have great police officers patrolling our parks, and the Park Smart campaign is intended to encourage park patrons to think about better ways to protect property and stay safe.”

The campaign will include posting informational signs in Greenway kiosks, at trailheads, and in recreation facilities with tips and reminders about park safety. Personnel will also distribute imprinted reminders at various locations, trailheads, and informational booths at community events, and offer tips and videos through the City website and social media pages. The preliminary message in park safety will focus on parking lot and trailhead safety: ‘Park Smart- Hide your stuff, lock your car, take your key.’

Additional communication and efforts include continued and increased police patrol, maintenance initiatives to identify and address landscaping, underbrush, or environmental considerations to increase visibility or change to chronic problem areas, and continued monitoring of lighting, restrooms, shelters, and security cameras.

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Everyone plays a role in keeping our parks and recreation areas safe. Help everyone by reporting suspicious activity immediately. Call police at the non-emergency number 615-893-1311. The Greenway trailheads are open at daylight and close a half hour before sunset.

For greenway usage rules go to:
For more information on the Park Smart campaign and all park information visit To watch a YouTube video of the promotional video “Park Smart,” visit

Printable flyer:

Amy Norville, Police Officer
Public Relations/Crime Prevention
Murfreesboro Police Department
Phone: 615-895-3874
Fax: 615-849-2628

Angela Jackson, Assistant Director
Murfreesboro Parks and Recreation Department
Phone: 615-890-5333 
Fax: 615-904-6507

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