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  "There are two things you must do every day in order to live a happy life: sweat and laugh."  Kaur Khalsa, founder and owner of Golden Gate Yoga in Los Angeles

Fire Log Pose (Agnistambhasana)

Fire Log pose is beneficial to runners because it stretches the thighs, groins and  psoas. Even though this pose strongly opens the hips, a moderate level of hip flexibility is required as to not injure the knees. Take off your shoes and ease into this pose after every run to receive the maximum benefits.
How To:

1. Come in a seated position on the floor with your hips flat and your back straight.
2. Cross your legs, bringing your right foot over your left knee and your left foot under your right knee. Have the shins as close to perpendicular as possible. If this is difficult, you can bring the top foot closer to the hip joint. 
(Do not do this pose if you feel pain in your knee).
3. Use your hands to flex the feet and spread the toes.
5. Settle in this pose for five to ten deep breaths. With every inhale lengthen the spin, and every exhale gently lean your upper body forward.
6. Repeat on the other side, with your left foot over your right knee and your right foot under your left knee.
7. Enjoy!

1)  To intensify this stretch, walk your hands in front of your body until you feel a deeper stretch in your hips, then round your back. 

2) To decrease the intensity, cross your legs (like Indian style) and prop your hips up higher than your bottom heel by sitting on a blanket or pillow. Reach forward until you feel a deeper stretch in your hip. 


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