To provide a platform for elementary school running programs that will increase self esteem and encourage and develop youth fitness.


Project Fit running program provides an emphasis on running games. The program includes warm up and cool down drills and reviewing proper running technique. In addition, kids would be asked to keep a training log to track mileage. Walking or running can count towards the mileage as long as an adult verifies the mileage. This promotes families to exercise together and encourages kids to walk to school.


Running programs promote fitness, discipline, team work, and responsibility. It helps kids feel good about themselves and it encourages others to join in the fun. It has been shown that when parents volunteer at the program, they become encouraged to increase their fitness and join their children in developing good health habits, as well. This develops a love of fitness and sports that is dwindling in our current culture.

Lack of fitness is a leading problem in increased childhood obesity and the development of diabetes. According to the U.S. Center of Disease Control, in the next 15 years, Type 2 diabetes in adults will quadruple! Diabetes in youth is now considered one of the most common chronic diseases in the U.S.

Why wait until they have developed poor habits when we can influence their behaviors while they are young!

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WHERE: Scales Elementary

Every Tuesday, August 31-Nov 2
WHO: 1st-6th grade students

Cost: $10 
We will provide T-shirts and bottles for the children participating in the program 


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