Advantages and Benefits of Wearing a Sports Bra

Why sports bras are better that regular bras 

Sports bras look good, feel great and offer maximum protection.
Sports bras look good, feel great and offer maximum protection.

"Oh I am not into sports, not into any physical activity so I don't need a sports bra" are words commonly uttered. Girls and women often associate sports bra with physical activity and if you are one of them, here's a quick look into the benefits of wearing a sports bra. Doctors, experts and more importantly, everyday women like you recommend the use of a sports bra. 

1) Avoid discomfort with a sports bra

Do you go to the gym? Or even for a walk? Or maybe for some stretching exercises in the park? Even low impact exercises like stretching or jogging can be discomforting if the breasts are not held in place. Top it off with tension on the shoulders, accumulating sweaty patches on the not-so-right places and much more, a normal bra can cause major discomfort. 

Good quality sports bras are designed to handle movement and motion. So when you get moving, your sports bra will provide maximum support and hold your breasts firmly, making a sports bra way more comfortable than its regular counterpart. 

2) Sports bras help reduce breast pain

Muscle ligaments in a woman's breast move up, down and sideways whenever there is movement. This can sometimes result in pangs of pain in breasts after exercising. As sports bras are designed to restrict the movement the movement of breasts, users often report less or no pain at all even after rigorous workouts. 

If you experience breast pain after exercising, you may want to see an expert to help you get the best fitting sports bra for a comfort and secure fit. If the pain persists, visiting your family doctor or any other qualified medical practitioner is recommended.


Sports bras will go a long way in keeping breasts from bouncing. This will avoid attracting unwanted attention while exercising and working out.
Sports bras will go a long way in keeping breasts from bouncing. This will avoid attracting unwanted attention while exercising and working out.

3) Sports bras help avoid nasty stares and drooling faces

Do you find it annoying when people stare at your boobs while you are running on a treadmill? Do you find it embarrassing to draw stares at your chest while working out? Does it make your blood boil when the pizza delivery guy talks to your boobs when you are in your 'comfort-clothes'? If you've been nodding along, maybe it is time you bought a sports bra to curb the menace. 

One of the biggest advantages of wearing a sports bra is that it helps avoid nasty stares and glances while working out, and otherwise. A good quality sports bra fits snugly around the upper torso, holds the breasts in place, and to a significant extent, prevents the breasts from bouncing during exercise. This is a big boon, especially for women with a bigger bust. While a sports bra cannot guarantee that the guys will stop staring, it will reduce your embarrassing and awkward moments. 

4) Sports bras can reduce long term sagging

Researchers believe that movement combined with inadequate support can lead to long term sagging. A study by University of Portsmouth scientist revealed that 'Breasts move far more than ordinary bras are designed to cope with..' Wearing a sports bra is a commonly accepted home remedy for sagging and preventing premature sagging of breasts. 

5) Sports bras have not become a fashion accessory

Moving comfort, Nike, Champion, Adidas and all other major sportswear and apparel brands have come out with sports bra designs that are trendy. The online market place is full of sports bras of different designs, shapes and colors. 

The best advantage of wearing a sports bra from a fashion perspective is that they can be worn as a top. From celebrities to the everyday woman, sports bras are now a common sight at gyms, supermarkets, homes and every other place you can think of. 

6) Sports bras are great alternatives to regular bras

Wearing sports bras is no longer limited to workout sessions. You can put one on even while lounging at home, at work, while house chores, cleaning or running around on a daily basis. They don't have straps, they are easy to put on and take off, they don't leave skin marks, they provide maximum support to your breasts and they are comfortable.

7) Sports bras are considered to be healers after injury or cosmetic surgery

Women who have gone under the knife or those who are up-to-date with cosmetic surgery knowhow will be able to relate to the use of sports bras for healing. In the after weeks of breast surgery or breast augmentation procedures, surgeons are known to recommend wearing sports bras.

Since October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we are offering $5 off a new sports bra when you turn in your old, worn out sports bra.  These donated bras will be given to the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault shelter here in Murfreesboro.  If you purchase a new Enell in the hope color (pink) you will also receive a gift with purchase.

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