Customer of the Month

The Fleet Feet Murfreesboro Customer of the Month Award goes to the loyal customer whose involvement in the running/walking community inspires and motivates others to live healthy and active lifestyles. 
February's Customer of the Month is Boston Qualifier Vic Barthelemy! Read our Q & A session with Vic below!


How did you first get into running? I worked for Publix Supermarkets which is a major sponsor of the Nashville Rock ’n’ Roll Marathon. My supervisor signed me up to run and told me I had better start training. I can remember running my first half mile and thinking I was going to die. I stuck with the training and now I truly enjoy running and the friends I have made along the journey.

Who/What inspires you? I am inspired and motivated by my running family and my biggest fan, my wife Bonnie. I enjoy my quiet time while running and hope to stay healthy into my old age. Volunteers: I enjoy participating in races and appreciate the volunteers that make them possible; as I run a race I try to thank all volunteers and officials that I can. I truly believe that every runner should volunteer at a race, as it will give them a totally different view of running in a race and help them appreciate what goes into putting a race together. I volunteer for two different races a year and enjoy the experience.

What's your mantra? Thank you, God. Just keep running.

What's your must have running gear? I enjoy running with my Garmin watch as it keeps me accountable. But more than any gear I enjoy running with my running buddies.

How does it feel to be a Boston qualifier? Totally unbelievable! A true “Runners High.”  When I first got into running, running the Boston Marathon became a dream that I never thought would happen: this just shows that anything is possible if you are willing to work hard.

Favorite Running Shoe? Saucony Ride 7

Favorite Running Destination? Anywhere we have not been before; I'm looking to run in every state. Bonnie and I like to travel to different locations and sightsee after I run a race.
What's your best race memory? It’s hard to pick one race memory because every race has something special:    

  • Walt Disney World Marathon--It was my Boston Qualifier.   
  • Special Kids 15K and St Jude Marathon--It’s all about the kids.    
  • Middle Half Marathon--It's a good home town race with a lot of friends.  
  • Monster Dash, MN--Running with my son in his first half marathon.
  • Marine Corp Marathon--Supporting our troops.
  • Yellowstone Half Trail Marathon--Beautiful scenery.

What keeps you coming back to Fleet Feet Murfreesboro? I go to Fleet Feet Murfreesboro because of the people working there. They are friendly, knowledgeable, and willing to help in any way possible. Over the last three years of going to Fleet Feet, I have become good friends and running buddies with many of them and enjoy their company.



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