Those 5 Extra Pounds Justified

Some insight from a 20-something year old constantly battling those “5 Extra Pounds”.  I read this great article a few weeks ago about how an “ideal weight” is quite unacheiveable. My ideal weight is 98 lbs. Not by my standards, but by some institute of health. 98 lbs! The last time I saw those numbers, I was eating half a sandwich and a piece of fruit every day! I was starving!

But unfortunately, I still silently stress about food, how much I’m running, and that stupid number on the scale. But this article I read put this into perspective: those 5 lbs are the life I’ve lived. It’s the traveling. Your spontaneity. Your love. It’s existing.

I do enjoy taking care of my body, though. I enjoy eating well. I enjoy the performance in my runs from eating well. I enjoy how great I feel from eating good foods. But I exist.

It’s making gingerbread cookies with your mom and eating the ugly ones.

It’s having cinnamon roles for breakfast with your sweetheart

Or sushi and saki night because no one appreciates it like you two do

It’s buying bread from the French lady at the Farmer’s Market and eating the whole loaf with your cousins before you can even sell all the corn

It’s napping after Thanksgiving instead of trying to squeeze in a walk

It’s Mimosas (Or Moscow Mules ;) ) at Sunday Brunch

It’s skipping your run to have coffee with your mom

Or it’s getting hot chocolate (and yes we want whip cream) just because it’s cold outside and want to watch a Christmas movie

It’s eating a burger because your dad says you need one
(and you should never disobey your parents)

“Allow your body to exist effortlessly.” Let your workouts exist because you enjoy them. Eat foods because you enjoy them. Don’t be the stick in the mud that skips out on life because of a number. Modify and live!

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