Running: the Myths and Facts

The Murfreesboro “Middle Half” Marathon is in less than 24 hours!  There is a 60-80% chance of rain at the start, and a 100% chance many people will not come out to race because of it.  I will be running because I’m rather fond of this year’s tech shirt, and I need to feel worthy enough to wear it!  (Plus, I haven’t forgone milk, coffee, and fiber this week for nothing!) Those of you that do plan on coming out rain or shine, here are some fun facts and myth busters to ease your mind about a potentially rainy race day!


“Running is bad for your knees!”
Unless every single person you know runs, then I’m sure you’ve got some nay-sayer friends that are quick to try and put a damper on your love of running.  Most of them love to remind you that running is “bad” for your knees.  I surely hope you don’t still believe this, but in case their little voice still nags in the back of your head, rest assured they are wrong!  While there is only so much you can do about hereditary degenerative conditions or that ACL tear back in high school basketball, there are more studies than not doting that running and impact actually strengthens your knees, and no studies proving that running causes joint damage.  Can I also say that being overweight is bad for your knees.  And your heart.  And your lungs.  And your quality of life. Pick your poison.

“You’ll run it off!”
Fiction.  You cannot outrun a bad diet.
Take this from someone who was running 40 miles a week and eating crap, but still gained 20 lbs!

“Potassium Prevents Cramping”
False.  Improper training, muscle fatigue, and dehydration are most likely causing those cramps.  But don’t put those bananas down!  They’re still good for you and your fatigued muscles still like them!

The Fun Stuff

  • White potatoes have TWICE the potassium as bananas!
  • The Fastest Half Marathon was ran in 58:23 by Zersenay Tadese in Lisboa, Portugal
  • Last year at the Boston Marathon, 3,000 lbs of pasta was served!
  • Runners who wear RED clothing are more likely to win a race… Does this mean they’ll be hungrier, too??
  • Women outnumber men in the half marathon field.  I nice 60% of the field is dominated by women!
  • Usain Bolt makes $20.3+ million a year.  One of the top 75 highest paid athletes!
  • It takes 200 muscles to take a step!
  • The batter used for pancakes is almost the exact same as cake batter.  Gives breakfast a new meaning!
  • Running and training for a marathon improves job performance!  So maybe a raise is in your future?
  • Over 1 billion pairs of running shoes are sold annually worldwide
  • The slowest animal is a garden snail… much more fascinating than the fastest animal being a cheetah!!
  • And since PIZZA will be at the finish line of the Middle Half, did you know we Americans eat 100 acres of pizza a day?!
  • DOUGHNUTS will also be served at the end!  Fact:  Before apples, people bobbed for doughnuts hung by string from trees.  I’m not so sure I believe that one…

Best of luck to all of you racing tomorrow or in the coming weeks!! 

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