Realistic Resolutions

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The New Year is directly around the corner, and all those Christmas treats are likely still hanging around your own back door — trapped inside your drawstring sweatpants or, in my case, my stretchy leggings!

That brings on all of our weight loss goals and the gym memberships!  I think New Year’s Resolutions are one of the best things you can promise yourself because no one (at least to my knowledge) resolves to eat junk, quit exercising, be mean, or make less time for themselves!  What’s so important to keep in mind, though, it to set realistic goals!  More often than not, we set the bar too high for ourselves and crash and burn within the first few weeks if we don’t start seeing the results we want.

Lofty Goals
Lose 50 lbs by Spring Break.
Debunk’d: Spring Break is roughly 12 weeks away.  That’s about 4 lbs per week.  Safe, healthy, and maintained weight loss typically doesn’t tip more than 2 lbs per week.  Lose too much weight too quickly, and you may find a lot of that weight lost back in even less time!

Run a Marathon
Debunk’d:  Not entirely. Whether your goal is a 5k or marathon, the wisest choice is to start with an expertly fit pair of running shoes from a run specialty store (like Fleet Feet! ;) ) and join some sort of training program.  Structured training programs such as Fleet Feet’s NoBoundaries and Half Marathon training program provide certified coaches, accountability, proper nutrition advice, and mentors to aid you along your journey.

Go to the gym every day
Debunk’d:  Your body NEEDS rest days in order to repair and build up the muscles and soft tissues you’ve been working so hard for.  It’s best to take at least 2 nonconsecutive rest days.  We’re all stubborn with this one (myself included) and over training can, and likely will, cause injury.

Run Every Day
Ah, you didn’t slip past the no working out every day rule!  While many runners like to attempt to run every day for a year, it’s ill-advised for a lot of people.  Stubborn like all other runners?  Fine.  On your “off day” try to keep it to just a mile and make it a slow little jog!

Realistic Resolutions
Don’t Stress
There’s so much stress on that gravitational pull on our bodies converted to a number on a scale.  Stress can increase cortisone levels.  Higher cortisone levels  alter the ease of weight loss and can lead to weight gain.  Don’t stress it!  Just sweat it…off!

Lose “x” dress sizes
Want to be the same size you were in high school?  Sure!  But your body has changed.  There’s a lot of life twisted in there now.  You may be able to button them, but don’t expect those skinny jeans in a size 6 to fit the same way they did when you were 18!  But hey, you’re a size 6 again and those acid wash skinny jeans are out of style anyway.  Toss them and get a more flattering fit of pants!  And don’t let anyone talk you into thinking acid wash is back in!

Do Something Different
Don’t stick to just the gym or the pavement.  There are so many cross training activities out there!  Barre, Yoga, Cycling, Swimming, RESTING!  Even a boot camp class one day a week is a nice change up.  Fleet Feet offers a 12 week Core Class on Monday Nights here at the store.  It’s easy as that!

For your Sanity
Be Polite to Yourself
Harsh on yourself, harsh on others.  People make mistakes, but there’s no need to talk down to yourself!  You are NOT worth it!

Enjoy What You Have
I can hardly keep up with myself!  I don’t need to compare my possessions with others.  Have fun with what you have.  And when you tire of it, pass it to someone else who will enjoy it.

Give Your Dreams a Chance
You will have zero results if you don’t try.  Just go for it.  You can only learn from from your trials!

Relate for the Right Reasons
Don’t be a mooch.  Don’t use people for their connections, their money, their success.  Be in relationships because you like them.  Don’t be a bad friend.  Encourage.  Congratulate.  Rejoice.  Love.  Be Honest.

Stop the Competition
No, not with everyone else.  You already know not to do that!  Quit competing with the old you!  You’re (likely) not in high school anymore.  You may not be as fast, or as thin, or even as happy, but you’d got 365 days to change that!

Happiest of Holidays
And if you’re spending the night out on the town, Be Careful!!

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