Post Run Refuel

Mocha-Madness Recovery Shake

and other yummy post-run treats!

Your long run (or race) is over.  Done.  Kaput.  You would love nothing more than to drop where you now stand and stay there until some sweet person comes along to drag you home.  Unfortunately, we cannot have our cake and eat it, too. There is a lot of controversy and numerous studies claiming what works best, so instead of touting one idea or another I’ll give you a few RULES OF THUMB:

1.  Okay, in this case–you CAN have your cake!  And while it’s in your hands–you can eat it, too!  ONLY if it is within the first hour, though.  Some articles will say you’ve got a two hour window.  Let’s be real, though.  If you’re not eating until 2 hours post-run, your body is not in its prime condition to efficiently utilize the nutrients of that cake.  There is a greater chance of excess fat deposition, and you have worked too hard for that!

2. 4:1 ratio.  For every 4 grams of Carbs, 1 gram of protein.  So, you carb counters–don’t be so leery!  Your body first and foremost and most efficiently uses carbohydrates for fuel and energy.

3. CHOCOLATE MILK.  Need I say more?  Lactose-intolerant?  Milk is too controversial?  Sip on flavored soymilk instead.  Chocolate milk has the ideal 4:1 ratio.  Almond and coconut milk, though will NOT give you the protein your body requires to rebuild the muscles you’ve been pounding away at.

4. So you’re screaming, “HOW MUCH PROTEIN?!” Everyone has told you something different.  Let’s take the textbook approach.  According to my textbook,Practical Applications in Sports Nutrition,  15 grams of high-quality protein should suffice.  That’s 2 cups of chocolate milk (or 15 cups of almond milk).

What to eat?  I’ve got that covered, too.

2 eggs and slice of whole wheat toast jam and almond butter or with a piece of fruit
6 oz Greek yogurt with 1/4 c nuts and 1 cup of fruit

Watching your cholesterol?
Crack open that trusty box of Cheerios or bowl of oatmeal (not from the package!) with some nuts, fruit, and skim (That’s right–it’s not so bad!) milk.

“I’m vegan!”
Ezekial bread with a tablespoon of almond butter or 3 oz. tofu with mixed vegetables

Dinner time?
A Cup (or so…) of whole wheat pasta with marinara and 3 oz. lean meat.  And don’t forget your veggies!
Gluten Free:  Try Spaghetti Squash!

My Favorite go-to post run refuel?
You guessed it: Chocolate Milk!  Specifically, Hatcher Dairy Jumpin’ Jimmy Chocolate Milk.  Those of you in the Middle Tennessee area can find it at Whole Foods, Pa Bunks or Tagz (both in Murfreesboro), or at the dairy’s store on Arno Rd.

Oh yea, that shake up there that I mentioned the other day? Absolutely Incredible!  You.  Will.  Love.  It.
I know we all have our favorite go to post-run refuel plans, but you never know–something new could leave you feeling better than ever!

Disclaimer: At this time, I am NOT a registered dietitian, but I do have my Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition and Food Science.  Feel free to take all advice and tips with a grain of salt… but just not too much ;)

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