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Caught your attention, huh?  They say it takes 21 days to create a habit. 2 months to get in shape. 2 weeks to lose fitness.  So many rules. There’s this fitness stigma that we all fall captive of. So how do we escape it? Or is that even possible?

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It’s well known among my friends and family that I have inherited many things from my daddy — my blonde hair, my beady eyes, my high arches, my personality, my appetite, my sweet tooth.  I tell you what, these Garretts can put away some ice cream and cookies.  Our fatal flaw!  Well, my sister and I spent a week in Texas with our dad last month.  Did we eat ice cream every day?  Pert Near!  Did Daddy change out of his sweatpants and slippers at 9:00 one night to take us to Baskin Robbins?  Totally did!

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The day before we left, Audrey and I were watching the Today Show.  They were having a 10 day Sugar Detox challenge.  I think we gained 2 lbs in a week, but felt so heavy and like we’d gained 10!  Needless to say we were ready to jump on that bandwagon.  No sugar.  No honey.  No agave.  No stevia.  I got back home two days later and started that dreadful thing.  The 3rd day in I was cranky and guess who missed the bandwagon entirely!  AUDREY!  No one to be miserable with.  And it’s not even the no sugar that got to me.  No BBQ sauce.  Reading the labels on EVERYTHING.  No margaritas.  At that point I knew this wouldn’t last forever.  But I held out.  I lost zero pounds, but I had no:
Heavy feeling while running


On day 8 I went out to watch the sunrise on the lake.  At 4:45 AM, Brix shows up with a bag of 4 different Shipley’s donuts and 1 bottle of Tru Moo Chocolate milk for both of us.  Did I crumble?  Like a stale cookie!  Was it worth it?  Absolutely.  You don’t say no to any breakfast that a cute guy brings you when you’re watching the sun come up on his boat.  Nope.  And I’ll also admit that I didn’t crawl back on my wagon the day after either.  Or at all.  BUT in those 8 days I did adopt some great habits and new recipes.  Particularly pertaining to almond butter.


I made my own loaded oatmeal and my own flavored Greek yogurt.  I ate these two things for weeks before realizing that they were the exact same thing just with a different base.  But they were both very filling, no added sugar, “clean”, and full of more nutrients than if I was eating my usual oats and yogurt!


I also went to the store and bought all the fruit that sounded good at the time.  I took it home, washed, plucked, and diced all of it and mixed it up in a large bowl.  I then split it into 5 different containers to take to work the week.  AKA.  Meal Prepping — but that’s such a snobby phrase!

These were the biggest changes I made, and in such a short time these are the changes that came about in regards to my food preference:  I lost all desire for:
Chocolate candy — Milky Ways, Twix, 3 Musketeers (now replaced by my yogurt)
Sweetened Oatmeal
Cascadia Farms Chocolate Chip Granola Bars (now replaced by a cookie — just one!– or nothing at all)
The 2 T of Natural Vanilla Creamer in my coffee.  Now down to about 1/2 T!

So, I encourage you to try it — even if it’s just for the sake of trying something new! It may not be possible to escape this fitness stigma, but just as some turn their noses up at others downing burgers and XL fries, how many times have you turned up your nose at someone trying to be “too healthy”?  You only get one body.  And every excuse to eat crap is not always as justifiable as you think.  You must eat well in order to train well.  Look with fresh eyes at those around you.  You may not ever reach an 8:00 mile, but as long as you feel as good as someone who is — that’s what matters.  And a lot of it starts with what you put in your body!  So, enjoy the little things — your favorite dessert, milkshakes with your kids, and pizza on Fridays.  But don’t lose sight of your goals and let them fall way to something you truly have more control of than you think — FOOD!


Almond Vanilla Yogurt

1 container (or 1 cup) Plain Greek Yogurt
1 T No Added Salt Almond Butter
1 T Vanilla Extract
Cinnamon to Taste
Optional: Chocolate Chips (for faux cookie dough!)
No Sugar Option: Carob Chips

Almond Butter Oatmeal

1/2 cup quick oats
(or 1 pkg plain instant oatmeal)
3/4 cup skim milk
1 T Almond Butter
1/2 T Vanilla
Cinnamon to taste (less is more with the oatmeal)

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