Never Miss a Monday

I have a few rules I [try to] apply to my life when it comes to taking care of my body —

-Never go 3 days without running. Check!
-Drink Smoothies (because they just make me feel good!) Check!
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-Do something different every week — which sometimes I royally pay for (like this week’s spontaneous decision to do split jumps AND squat jumps then proceed with not stretching and foam rolling. You know, they make those things for a reason…) Usually a “check!”
-Pack healthy snacks for work. Check!
-Never run less than 3 miles. Check!
-Get more than 8 hour of sleep most nights of the week (“most” being an incredibly arbitrary number) Check!
– And my favorite, NEVER MISS A MONDAY! CHECK!!

I run every Monday. I do all my stretches for my tight hips. I cross train. I eat a healthy breakfast. I start my week off right.

Then, I drag my sore body for a few miles Tuesday morning. Because really, Tuesday is just Monday’s ugly sister.

We live in a world of justification and entitlement. It’s an issue blinded by who-knows-what-else going on in our lives.

But I do believe in 2 things:

  1. Justify your workout because it’s Monday
    Example: “Why do you have to workout today?” “Because it’s Monday.”
  2. You ARE entitled to a healthy body.
    As I’ve said before, this is an era of trendy foods. Triple Bacon Sriracha Mayo Doughtnut Cheeseburgers. Fried Cookie Dough. Nutella Creme Doughnuts. (okay… I know that sounds great, but stay with me here). And if you’re in the Nashville area — Hot. Fried. Chicken. Everywhere!

BUT! There is also: Spicy Roasted Brussel Sprouts. Cauliflower Steaks. Kombucha. Avocado toast. Tastier endless possibilities than maple bacon doughnuts and fryin’ up everything-but-the-kitchen sink!

So, I challenge you to make a REALISTIC rule for yourself. Because when it comes down to it, you yourself is the best accountability partner you can have!

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