It's a new year!!! New goals?

 Happy NewYear!

I hope everyone had a great one and stayed warm. It's cooler out and we have seen much colder temps over this last week. I know some of you braved the cold while others took the time to relax away from running for a few days. If your feeling bad about taking a little more time off than usual, don't!

Rest is good!!!

A lot of the athletes I know don't give themselves enough rest. Remember, the body heals and repairs during rest and not during workouts so you have to have rest to have any real benefits from your workouts.

This is a great time to recover for most of us because the race season is still a little while off yet and now is the time to work on our base. Speed and power comes later :)

If that rest has lasted a bit too long and you need a little push to get going, don't forget that we at Fleet Feet Boro offer various programs to help.

Our GetFit program focusing on overall health starts on the 18th of January, while our NoBo program has just began & you can still register for this 5K training program until this Saturday!

Our half program with Charles begins February 1st, for those looking for more distance in your training.

And of course I can't forget about my own Sprint distance Triathlon Training program beginning on January 26th for those of you who, like me, want to mix in the addition of cycling and swimming to your workouts!!!

Don't worry! You can do it! That's what we are here for. To help you reach any goal you may have...

I became a runner, cyclist, and swimmer as an ADULT. We can help you too!

Remember, It's a new year and the only limitation is your imagination!


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