I have to run HOW FAR?!

Food Having Calories

Any self-proclaimed runner is going to proclaim that they LOVE running.  We live for the run!  Right?  Well, I’m here to call some of you out on that.

I myself love to run.  I have ran 11 half marathons and numerous shorter distances ranging from the 5K-15K. I have finished many, many runs and excitedly admitted, “That was awesome!” or “That was fun!”  But I must confess, if I was a little beanpole I firmly believe I would not be putting in the miles quite like I do now and I’d probably eat cinnamon rolls on a regular basis.  But such is life, and since I must exercise, running is my vice.

And speaking of cinnamon rolls, how many miles must I run to burn them off?  I find that a lot of people eat “bad foods” (a phrase I don’t care to use, but for the frame of reference, must) and they counter with, “I’ll run it off!”  In fact, it should be the other way around.  Before you eat something sinful and practically perfect in every way (less the calories) we should instead think, “How many miles would I have to run to burn this off?”

Calories per mile
Average man (~170 lbs): 130 calories
Average woman (~140 lbs): 105 calories
Bethany (secret weight): 80 calories

We’ll start with the cinnamon rolls, shall we?

Grands Flaky Cinnamon Rolls
Servings: 2 rolls 
(because who eats just one)
Calories: 720 calories (gulp!)
Men: 5.5 miles
Women: 6.9 miles
Bethany: 9 miles

Blog Photo 2

Starbucks Grande Vanilla Latte
Serving: 16 oz.
Calories: 250 calories
 1.9 miles
Women: 2.4 miles
Bethany: 3.1 miles

Glazed Doughnut
Serving: 1 
(Even though I do prefer 2…)
Calories: 190 calories
1.5 miles
1.8 miles
2.4 miles

Cheesecake and Wine

Red Wine
Serving: 2-6 oz glasses 
(again, who only has one glass?!)
Calories: 280 calories
2.2 miles
2.7 miles
 3.5 miles

Cheesecake Factory Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake
Serving: 1 Delicious Slice
Calories: 1110  
(Double Gulp!… of wine! :) )
 8.5 miles
10.6 miles
: 13.9 miles (well, that really puts things into perspective :( )

Your Pie Southern Heat Pizza
Serving: The Whole Thing!
Calories: 610 calories
4.7 miles
5.8 miles
7.6 miles

Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken Tenders
Serving: 3 tenders
Calories: 400 calories
Men: 3.1 miles
Women: 3.8 miles
Bethany: 5 miles


(Confession: Homemade Strawberry and kale Smoothie above :) )
Smoothie King Slim-N-Trim Strawberry
Serving: 20 oz (small)
Calories: 375 calories 
(72 g sugar! Good thing this isn’t my drink of choice!)
Men: 2.9 miles
3.6 miles
4.7 miles

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