Going Barefoot


Hello, warm Summer weather!  Running is getting steamy, but I’ll tell you what I’ve enjoyed most so far is the pool!  Yes, that kind of barefooting!  I started swimming about 12 weeks ago, and let me just say that it was NOT pretty!  My friend, Maria, that I’ve been swimming with actually sent me a YouTube video of a little windup dolphin in a sink after our first morning of swimming.  That’s pretty much what I felt like. Or maybe imagine a seal that is trying to swim with his fins instead of gliding through the water.  And totally not offended.  I died laughing.  You can only imagine the look on the face of one of my running partners when I told him I couldn’t swim the next morning because my feet hurt from swimming.  Yes, it was that bad.

BUT!! I’ve come a long way.  If I didn’t have so much hair and have to schedule my swims around my hair washing schedule, then I’d probably swim 5 days a week!

And THEN all of a sudden I’m like how in the world do I write about swimming?!  What do I know about swimming?  A lot of nothing, really.  As far as I know, where I’m from no one took swimming lessons.  So I basically just watched everyone else swim and mimicked their techniques.  After several YouTube videos and a few tips from Maria and another friend who used to be a swim coach, I think I’ve mostly got it down pat.  So don’t worry, no under-researched or under-experienced lessons here!  But, please let me pat myself on the back.  I can now do my entire swim without stopping in the middle and can swim about 200 yards farther in 10 less minutes!  For someone who bought a suit and swim cap and left it in the bag for 14 months, that’s a pretty big deal!  But then again, it’s a good thing Maria is such a good swimmer because this little fish would probably be floatin’ belly side up!

So, what I’ve learned from swimming:

  • Blow your nose before getting in the pool
  • Use the restroom at least twice before getting in the pool
  • Other than your belly pooching out a bit, you can eat a real breakfast just minutes before the swim!  My favorite part :)
  • They apparently make goggles based on the width of your eyes, and apparently mine are far apart :|
  • Don’t flick your feet/ankles
  • It does not burn as many calories as running, making swimming not real conducive to a smaller waist.  But whatever–think of it as a supplement to your workout routine!
  • It’s made me run faster
  • I’ve only had faster race times since swimming
  • There’s little muscles in my back :)
  • I now contemplate a haircut every single day


But after watching this video again, I think I was more of the turtle!

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