Thursday, September 1 will be my last day at Fleet Feet Sports Murfreesboro. You know when you watch the final episode of a reality show or your favorite sitcom (Boy Meets World is coming to mind at the moment) and they flashback to all of the best (and sometimes the worst) parts? That's how I feel these last few days are going.

Like the time I flicked the light off and locked Eric in the bathroom in the dark when he very well could have turned the light on, unlocked the door, and exited in a perfectly mild manner. Instead he panicked and momentarily begged me to let him out. All the while I'm in tears at the hilarity of it all.

Or when the lock actually did break on the bathroom door and Parker was stuck in there for God knows how long!

And when Racie's husband saved me from a giant cockroach on my wall in my sketchy little apartment on the square on her last day of Fleet Feet. Or how about the patience of Job as she taught my stubborn self how to work Photoshop!

Or when I didn't get accepted into the dietetic internship, I was so upset I decided to quit the blog. Krista took me for coffee where we both realized that the internship was the first time I'd ever been turned down for something and she assured me it's okay to fail. I guess that's the millennial in me, right? And if it hadn't been for Krista, I never would have gotten in as a volunteer at the Boston Marathon this year. It was truly a dream come true. A bucketlist check.

Then there was the time that Paul talked for so long that I fell asleep, sloth-position on the backrest of the black fit bench. (Please just picture this!)

Lyle's first day (whom I didn't hardly know him from Adam) and he casually admits he'd seen me the weekend before having too good of a time at JazzFest on the square. I was mortified, to say the least.

Running my fastest mile while Gail cheered and coached from across the track.

Staff Christmas parties. Secretly angry, secretly glad when someone walks in with a stash of treats. When a rep buys you lunch and you get to save $8. Fun Runs and free beer. Sassy Ally and her weekly scheme for ice cream or cookies. A new appreciation for what is actually considered old, and it ain't Gail Vella!

Fred's sense of humor.

Penny, who's great laugh, appreciated my humor the most!

Maria, who met me at 6 am at the pool and swam the shallow end while I watched her and taught myself (with a few tips from Gail!) how to properly swim.

Arrington Vinyards with Michelle and hearing her (what I think is) brave story of leaving everything she knew and coming to the U.S.

And Marina. The reason I'm at Fleet Feet in the first place. Whom I befriended on the trayline at TrustPoint Hospital because she was my only coworker who ran (and swam and biked) and didn't think I was crazy for running!

And lastly, our sweet customers. Never would I have imagined befriending so many people who walked through that door! I specifically remember my first time meeting all of you. And there goes that reel in my head again. Flashing back to all of our memories. I am truly blessed, grateful, and humbled by all of our friendships. Thank you.




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