Excuse Me

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Excuses are like armpits.  Everyone has them and they all STINK!

It’s Summertime here in Middle Tennessee and it’s only just shy of April!  So you “Seasonal Runners” who wimped out on Winter running are going to have to suffer through the Tennessee Summer heat because Spring lasted a whopping 2 weeks!  But you don’t have to go at it alone!

If you’re like me, every summer feels like summer vacay and I just want to sleep in.  But I can’t!  By the time I wake up it’s already 85 degrees and 90% humidity at 8:00 am!  And have mercy if that summer sun hasn’t drained me while I’ve lounged by the pool all day so I can forget a run at night!  The last thing I want to do is slog through the sticky air on a tempo run or long run!

Now, I’m not a bettin’ gal, but you can bet if I’ve got someone to meet me at 5:00 am or 7:00 pm that I’m not bailing!  And there ain’t a running app out there that can drag me to the pavement in the summer.  Plus, I know those New Year’s Resolutions may be looking fair to Midland at the moment.  I mean the only 6-pack I can find right now is my Kroger mix-your-own in the fridge!  But fear not.  Just like it’s more fun to share a 6-pack, it’s also more fun to share the building of one!  So grab a comrade, ditch the $0.99 app (because how valuable is anything that’s only 99 cents?!), and join a training program!  From walking OR running your first 5K to your first half marathon, unite with a slew of other people in the same humid boat as yourself and beat the heat together!

“But I’ve already done a [insert race distance]!  Heck, I’ve done half a dozen!  I don’t need to be trained.  I’m a seasoned veteran!”

Ah, but  not so fast!  Because are you really??  Can you confidently identify a tempo or a fartlek (yes, you read right) run? Strides?  Repeats? Have you ever performed the beast that is the timed mile?!  Uuuh-huh!  You veteran, you.  Why not show up on race day being your fastest yet?  Join the Fleet Feet Speed training program with a coach who was once offered the position to coach for the Canadian Olympic Swim Team!  I myself took 45 minutes off of my first half marathon time.  I thought I would never break 2 hours and I did by 14 minutes between half marathon 7 and 8.  That’s an age-group placement right there!

There is no time like the present!  Who’s tired of that line?  EVERYONE because you know it’s TRUE!  There is no bad time to commit to a better you.  So get at it!

creepy sloth
And look how creepy this sloth is.  Don’t be a creepy sloth this Summer.

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