Dude-Night '13, you should have been there!

There are lots and lots of very manly rules associated with a Fleet-feet Dude Night. Many of these rules date as far back as the beginning of time itself!

I, as a fellow dude, am not at liberty to discuss all of these or to reveal everything that goes down during a Dude Night or all who attend but I will do my best without losing my time honored dudeship.

like a good crime drama, Names and dates have been changed to protect the guilty :)

This was to be Fleet-Feet Murfreesboro's first Dude-Night  in many years. Due to the coolness of such an event, we needed to time to recover from the overload of awesome we experienced during the last one!

The gathering of awesomely awesome dudes was held at an undisclosed Fleet-Feet in the Thompson Ln. Murfreesboro area. Our Dude-Night event coordinator Micaiah (we will call him "Bill") gathered a massive amount of food and drink in the form of Pizza & Pepsi! We had Prefontaine on the flat-screen, and Mayday brewery's own Ashley supplied the Mayday brew For us to enjoy!

I am Allowed by Dude-Night rules to use her real name because she is obviously not a dude and therefore exempt from Dude-Night rules And protocol.

The dudes proceeded to partake in many manly Olympic styled events such as the well known "plank off" and the lesser known "Gladiator Mode Rock, Paper, Scissors"!!!

These things alone would be enough for a normal dude but no, not a Flee-Feet dude! They demand more and Dude-Night was there to deliver on that demand with give away after give away! Ricky from Saucony (let's call him "Bill") was on hand to award Saucony gift card prizes and other Saucony goodies, Nike sent gift cards as well, and New-Balance gave away a pair of running shoes in a drawing with the proceeds will be donated to a wonderful local charity!

We had a fist full of manly winners for each of the events and drawing (we will call each of them "Bill". I hope you are beginning to pick up on a theme here!) and every dude had a great time Including yours truly!

Once fully recovered from the excess of awesomeness that is Fleet-Feet Murfreesboro Dude-Night, we will most certainly do it again!!!

If your a dude and didn't make it out, definitely make it next time! 

PAUL (but call me "Bill" when you speak of Dude-Night.Lol)

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