Baby its cold outside!

 That is the exact song that was running through my head Saturday morning as I joined my girlfriend at the starting line of the second annual Eagles 5K Trail Run. The movie Elf version actually. I knew there were a few other races being held then as well, including a half marathon in Nashville, and I was thankful I would be back inside a warm building in less than a half hour. You see, I am NOT a lover of cooler weather. I came from cycling where you are out on a bike for 3 to 5 hours in the scorching sun all during the summer so it just feels normal to run in it too. Then again, what is "normal" anyway?

The Eagles run was less of a true "trail run" and more of a road run that included the Eagleville High outdoor track, parking lot, a gravel road (on a hill), the grassy field behind the track, and a little road thrown in to make things complete. There were about thirty racers in attendance including some really good runners and fitness walkers out for a fun morning at the school-grounds. It was a lot of fun and I am told it is in place to help out the Eagleville Track & Cross-country teams so we need to grow this run into a bigger event! If you like long,flat,boring roads I would pass on this one BUT if you would like to try something new and fun I would sign up next year if I were you! My favorite part? looping the track to the finish line, I turned my head to the left to check on my girlfriend and noticed around thirteen spotted cows had stopped what they were doing and begun to watch us run! Lol! Too cool!!!

As I said before, I felt it was cold outside. As I looked around I noticed a lot of things but the thing that struck me most was the differences in everyones clothing.

I get asked almost daily during this time of year how to dress for the changing weather. My answer? Its not always super simple to answer. Many things have to be taken into consideration. What time of day is it? Will it get warmer or cooler as the day goes on? Will I heat up as my workout progresses? By how much?

These are all things that have to be decided before gathering your gear. Like all runs, visibility to others and hidration is a must but when talking about weather, start with a base layer of good technical fabric made to wick moisture. After that, you need to decide how warm your going to get in your selected 1ST layer.

Dress as if it were 20 degrees warmer than it actually is in most cases. This way, when you begin to heat up, you are not overloaded with clothing.

Dress in layers!!! One thick layer is almost always a bad idea because you are stuck with it. Being able to shed layers is always a nice option and makes for a much more enjoyable workout!

Look at weather predictions! I know, I know. That one seems obvious but how many times have we all gone out without looking and wished we had prepared better. I know I have! Yesterday morning I arrived at the school in Tights, a long sleeve "Middle Half Marathon" tech shirt, gloves, and a wind & water-proof run-jacket. However, I ran in the tights & tech-T and was perfectly comfortable. Always give yourself options & don't be afraid to modify those at the last minute. I did and was glad I had given myself the ability to have that option! Till next time, todays warmer so I am headed outdoors! :-)


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