7 Things I Love About the Christmas Season

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As with every holiday season, we all get so caught up in the stress and scurrying of fulfilling wish lists that the Christmas season is over before we know it!  I for one think I’m going to schedule myself less next year.  This past Saturday I had a morning fun run to work/participate in and 2 Christmas parties and a birthday outing to choose between that night.  I mean good grief!  How’s a girl supposed to keep up?!  So, in light of the hustle and bustle here are things that I look forward to every year:

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The Lights
Or as the non-locals probably know it as:  Gaylord’s A Country Christmas at Opryland Hotel.  Fortunately I cannot tell you the last time I missed “The Lights” at Opryland.  Though, I will say that next year I WILL NOT go on a Sunday evening!  No sir!   This trip required a $10 glass of wine to tolerate the madness.  Thankfully, I was in good company and it was, as always, worth the trip.

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Gingerbread Cookies
I stayed up until midnight Friday decorating gingerbread men and gingerbread lips (she’s a dental assistant and loves everything lips!) with my mom.  I’ve always done gingerbread men or a house or [once] a train with friends.  Now I get to share this memory with my sweet Momma!

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The Rockettes
No, not the ones in New York (though, definitely on the bucketlist!).  For 13 years now, the Radio City Rockettes have been at the Grand Ole Opry and Sunday night we got to enjoy a show of their last year here in Music City.  They’re always so perfect and festive.  Why not go out with a bang, right?

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A Christmas Story
How many of you all wait until Christmas day to catch the classic airing 24 hours Christmas day?  I know I’m not the only one!  Except we don’t have cable right now.  So It’s a Wonderful Life and Elf it is!
But last year I got to go to the Christmas Story House in Cleveland, and it was just as awesome as you’re dreaming!
(PS.  Elf is playing at the Franklin Theatre.  You better believe I’m going!)

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My Christmas Tree
It’s cozy.  All ornaments are personal.  There’s white AND colored lights.  And it sits perfectly next to my spot on the couch.  Do I really have to take it down in 2 weeks?!  Also, my airplane ornament.  My college sweetheart is a pilot and last year I told my friend, “No matter what, I’ll always love airplanes because they make me think of Brix.”  Wouldn’t you know that was the first gift I opened :)

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Cocoa and Biscuits
AKA Chocolate Gravy.  And I’ll certainly say don’t knock it til you’ve tried it!  It’s 100% not good for you and loaded with sugar and a bit of butter.  Paula Dean approved.  But really, my mom has been having cocoa and biscuits ever since she was a little girl and we have had it for every Christmas morning since I was a little girl.  Who says you can’t have chocolate for breakfast?!

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It makes the list every time.  I could not drag my over-cookie-stuffed self out of bed 5-6 mornings a week to traipse through the cold weather without my running buddies.  Working and participating with Fleet Feet Sports has been one of the best things I’ve ever done.  My lone runs are few and far between these days, and I’m so blessed to have all these awesome folks to share the miles with!

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