7 Life Hacks for Runners

As I think back to my earliest days of running, I reflect on all of the things I knew. They are as follows: ___.

Nope. Haven’t left anything out. I. Knew. Nothing. Well, I take that back. Thanks to my mom, I knew you should wear a size larger running shoe than what your foot measures. So I stepped up to the grandiose size of 6. Other than that, ask me what a 5K was. I didn’t know. Technical running socks. Do what? Fartlek? I beg your pardon!

But we’ve all seen those memes like “Life Hack #6852. Starbucks has a secret menu! You can find it [here].” But alas, here I am, 9 years and 2 months into running ready to share the wealth of knowledge a 25 year old has with you.

Life Hack #1
The 5K

pizza and beer

I was fitting this lady a few months back and she was going on about how she was doing her first marathon in a few weeks and needed some new shoes for training. Never mind the dozen other indicators that she couldn’t possibly be doing a marathon, I was confused as to how she planned on training for 26.2 miles in just a few weeks, . Then she lets it slip that she’s doing a 5K. Life Hack #1. A 5K is NOT the same as a marathon. Both distances can be hard and equally lofty goals, but a 5K is NOT a marathon — 42.2K is a marathon.


Life Hack #2
Those technical socks
Cotton is rotten. I can’t tell you how many races I’ve done and seen runners with a chewed up Achilles from their cotton socks that have been eaten by their shoe. Working in running specialty, I feel like it’s my duty to tell them that I know why that happened. Properties of cotton: they trap heat, they do not hold their shape, they do not wick moisture. This creates the prime environment for blisters and sock digestion by your shoes. Save your feet and your run. Invest the $12 into a pair (unwiden your eyes; yes, $12 for a total of just 2 socks) of synthetic socks. They literally last yearrrs!

Life Hack #3
The Foam Roller
Foam Roller
And I don’t mean those cheap literal pieces of foam. I mean the mean ones with grooves and knots that kinda make you want to cry and question your self inflicted pain, but at the same time remind you of all the $$$ you’re saving from a massage therapist. And if you’re not game for rolling around on the floor for your deep tissue work, check out these fancy handhelds!

Life Hack #4
Sports Bras
lets talk about bras
They really deserve a shared spot with #1. Did you know 4 out of 5 women wear the wrong size sports bra?! And women are supposed to have it all figured out! With running, comes multidirectional, 360° of movement. And once those ligaments tear, the only hope for repair is surgery. This is where we come in. With 10+ styles, 4 different levels of support, and half a dozen women trained in proper sports bra fittings, I have to ask: A $60 insurance investment, or a $10,000 repair fee and 6 weeks of downtime?

Life Hack #5
Body Glide
body glide
I have one word: chafing. Summer is coming. Slather yourself in the Glide. Because someone reading this is still going to wear their cotton socks and cotton t-shirt and suffer blisters and raw armpits. There’s also those of us blessed with thighs of thunder. It’s gonna be hot! Wear those short shorts, girl. I will be! Body Glide is your best friend from the months of June-August. Trust me on this one. (P.S. there’s also Sports Shield. Your local running store will help you pick your preference!)

Life Hack #6
Size Doesn’t Matter
shoe fits
Trust me. Ain’t nobody looking at the size of your feet. I look at feet for a living. Then I look at feet at the grocery store. And the airport. And every other time I step foot outside the house. But the rest of the world, unless you tell them, they don’t know you wear a size 11! You literally have no control over the length of your foot, so there’s nothing to be embarrassed about :) Wearing the appropriate size shoe will help prevent hammer toes and rescue your toenails from the black and the ingrown! You’re welcome:)

Life Hack #7
Buy it where you try it
Like you, I love a good deal. But I also love supporting local businesses. Spending your dollars locally supports local schools, roads, emergency personnel, local groups/organizations, and so much more! Not only do we measure your feet and assess your gait, but we also assess your bunions, your corns, your calluses, your toes, and are more than ready to share with you everything that will make your run the most comfortable! Every customer is worth our time, and we hope you consider us worth yours!

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