10 Takeaways for a Healthy Makeover

Bethany Seminar

With every training program session, Fleet Feet Murfreesboro provides a nutrition seminar for those transitioning into a healthier lifestyle.  Last night I conducted what was possibly the best one yet!  Did you know most cereals call for a serving size of 3/4 cup of cereal and 1/2 cup of milk.  Most people pour at least double the cereal and, with that, roughly 25% more milk.  While I’m sure this may seem like a skimpy breakfast, it’s because it is!  This doesn’t mean it’s okay to have double the cereal and 25% more milk, though.  This means you’ve got room to add more food groups to your breakfast!  Try adding a piece of fruit or even creating a parfait out of your breakfast!  Greek yogurt has twice the protein of milk, making it much more satisfying.  Plus, parfaits can make it seem like a treat for breakfast!

A lot of times just making minor tweaks to your daily diet are all you need to successfully be on your way to a healthier lifestyle. The following are some main takeaways mention last night:

¨DON’T self create a diet
-Unless you are a dietitian, use a researched diet or (even better) see a Registered Dietitian.

¨Eat Breakfast

¨Eat Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Queen, Dinner like a Pauper
-In reference to Nancy Clark, start your diet at Dinner.

¨Be consistent
-Regular/vigorous exercise
-Weigh once/wk

¨Stop looking at food as fattening
-Excess calories make you fat.  Not carbohydrates.  Not fat.  Not protein.  Excess calories and low quality foods are what you can attribute to an expanding waistline.

¨Invest in top performance
-Think of your performance when you are eating.  If you eat well, you can run well.

¨Choose 3/5 food groups

¨Enjoy your favorites

¨Write it Down

¨Think: Fit, Healthy, Lean
-Forget skinny.  Skinny is a body type.  There are numerous body types out there and many are not built to transform into “skinny.”  Make being healthy your #1 goal.

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