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Thursday, September 1 will be my last day at Fleet Feet Sports Murfreesboro. You know when you watch the final episode of a reality show or yo…

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Is It October Yet?!

Y’all, it is HOT! These 100 degree days are killing me! Just like winter, though, I haven’t succumbed to the treadmill quite …

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7 Life Hacks for Runners

As I think back to my earliest days of running, I reflect on all of the things I knew. They are as follows: ___. Nope. Haven’t lef…

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Reasons Running is the Worst

The Winter Edition Chafing. Can we talk about this for a minute? The most unfortunate mishap for a runner. I mean I’m sure losing …

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4 Golden Rules of Nutrition

Now, depending on who you ask, these nutrition rules for running and working out can vary from "fasted cardio" (don't even get …

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Those 5 Extra Pounds Justified

Some insight from a 20-something year old constantly battling those “5 Extra Pounds”.  I read this great article a few weeks …

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Never Miss a Monday

I have a few rules I [try to] apply to my life when it comes to taking care of my body — -Never go 3 days without running. Check!-…

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Christmas in July

If you’ve never celebrated Christmas in July, you’re doing Summer all wrong. Sure it’s fine to go to the beach, lay (lieR…

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No Sugar Detox

Caught your attention, huh?  They say it takes 21 days to create a habit. 2 months to get in shape. 2 weeks to lose fitness.&…

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10 Takeaways for a Healthy Makeover

With every training program session, Fleet Feet Murfreesboro provides a nutrition seminar for those transitioning into a healthier lifestyle…

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